COVID 19 Information – Updated March 15, 2020

The Strathroy Medical Clinic are striving to modify our routines to help keep patients and the public safe during this pandemic.  We are implementing virtual consultations by phone or over the internet in an effort to increase social distancing and keep people in their homes.  When you call or come to the clinic please expect to be asked the screening questions as recommended by public health.  Please refrain from making routine visit/appointment requests.

We learned Friday, March 13, 2020 that one of our providers tested positive for COVID 19.  All patients who were in contact with the provider have been notified.  We continue to work closely with public health moving forward in this situation.

Update June 11, 2020:

Middlesex public health is completing many tests daily at two public test sites in London.  More local targeted  information is available at the London Middlesex Public Health Unit.  

We continue to remain open as we have been throughout the pandemic.  We are continuously modifying our procedures as the pandemic progresses.  Presently we ask that only one person come to an appointment and bring your own mask which should be worn continuously from when you enter the building (masks are still in short supply for us).  Teleconference visits are the first preferred method of care with in person visits determined on a case by case basis by the physicians and nurses at our clinic.