Clinic Directory

Clinic Directory

To reach a specific department, please contact the following extensions:

Referrals:  519-245-0430 ext. 282
Business Office: 519-245-0430 ext. 265
Enquiries: Administration: Sue Lewis 519-245-0430 ext. 281

Our Team

Family Physicians

Dr. Nicholas Buma
Dr. Gary Perkin
Dr. David Crowley
Dr. Tim MacDonald
Dr. Omer Chaudhary
Dr. Jonas Vanderzwan
Dr. Yvonne MacDonald
Dr. Paula Suffoletta                                                                                                              Dr. Margrieta Edels

Nurse Practitioner

Susan Jurjevich
Lindsay Huehn                                                                                                                        Gabrielle Gogas


Dr. Ian Ferguson – consultation by referrals only.

Family Health Team

Pharmacist: Tom Kontio, 519-245-0430 ext. 219
Social Worker: Nate Meidinger, 519-245-0430 ext. 220
Social Worker: Carol Nisbet, 519-245-0430 ext. 219
Social Worker: Jerilyn Hurwitz, 519-245-0430 ext. 224
Dietitian: Kim Crowther, 519-245-0430 ext. 223 
Triage RN: Aleyn Lucier, 519-245-0430 ext. 222
Triage RN: Kelly Thus, 519-245-0430 ext. 221
Team Assistant: Elsa Peacock, 519-245-0430 ext. 219
Nurse Practitioner: Susan Jurjevich
Nurse Practitioner: Lindsay Huehn
Occupational Therapist: Dana Driesman-Klover
Respiratory Therapist: Julie Hodgins