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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to many Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Do I need to bring my health card to each appointment?
  • I’ve lost my health card. What do I do?
  • My health card has expired. What do I do?
  • How do I enroll as a new patient?
  • What is Telehealth Ontario?
  • How does Telehealth work?
  • How do I renew a prescription?

Do I need to bring my health card to each appointment?

Please bring your health card with you to every appointment. You will be asked to present it when checking in with the receptionist.

I’ve lost my health card. What do I do?

If your health card is lost, stolen or damaged please call the Ministry’s INFO line at 1-800-664-8998. If your address or name has changed, visit or call your local OHIP office or refer to the ministry website.

My health card has expired. What do I do?

When your health card expires you will need to visit the Ministry, office or use a kiosk to have your card updated. Please bring your new card to the clinic with you each time you attend and show the receptionist so they can update your information in our system with your new version code and expiry date.

How do I enroll as a new patient?

Simply complete and sign the Patient Enrollment form.

By completing and signing this form, you commit to the following:

  • To seek treatment from your family doctor or the Health Team first, unless you are traveling or find yourself in an emergency situation.
  • To allow the Ministry to provide your doctor or the Family Health Team with information about services they have received from family doctors outside the Family Health Team, and some preventative care services.
  • To not switch doctors or Family Health Teams you are enrolled with more than twice per year.
  • Patients remain enrolled unless they are no longer eligible for OHIP, move outside of the geographic area of the FHT, enroll with a primary health care physician in another group, or choose to cancel their enrollment.
  • Please inform your physician if you are receiving specialized treatment from another doctor outside of the Family Health Team.
  • Enrollment ensures that you have access to primary health care treatments or advice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through a combination of regular and extended office hours, and a nurse-staffed Telephone Health Advisory Services (THAS).

What is Telehealth Ontario?

Telehealth Ontario is a free, confidential telephone service you can call to get health advice or general health information from a Registered Nurse. That means quick, easy access to a qualified health professional, who can assess your symptoms and help you decide your best first step. We can help you decide whether to care for yourself, make an appointment with your doctor, go to a clinic, contact a community service or go to a hospital emergency room.

How Does Telehealth Ontario Work?

When you call Telehealth Ontario, you will be talking directly with a Registered Nurse. You will be asked to describe your symptoms and answer questions to best assess the seriousness of the problem. Based on the assessment, the Registered Nurse can either advise self care, recommend a visit to a health practitioner or, give you the phone numbers of community resources nearest you.

The Telehealth Ontario service is provided in English and French, with translation support for other languages and a direct TTY number for those with hearing and speech difficulties. Callers can also be connected to medication information and health information audio tapes.

If you are a rostered patient of the Maple Family Health Team then Telehealth will be able to page the doctor on call.

Note that: A call to Telehealth Ontario does not replace 911 — that’s always the first number you should call in emergency situations.

How do I renew a prescription?

Your doctor will check to ensure that this medication is appropriate for you. You may be required to book an appointment if you have not seen your doctor in a while or if this is a medication that you do not normally receive.

If you need a renewal on your prescription you may not need to see your doctor. Prescription refills are not written at the After Hours Evening Clinic.

For your safety, we do not routinely call-in antibiotics or other prescriptions to treat acute illnesses over the phone. We ask you to come to the office so we can properly evaluate you and treat you in a safe and effective manner.

Help us to help you. Please plan in advance, and order your medicines at least one week before you need them. Never run out of medicine.