Family Health Team

Family Health Team

What is a Family Health Team?

The Strathroy Medical Clinic is affiliated with the Thames Valley Family Health Team, one of Ontario’s largest Family Health Teams with more than 110 physicians across 18 sites within London, and Middlesex, Oxford and Elgin counties. The Family Health Team model of care is a partnership with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to improve access and quality of health care services to patients.

The Thames Valley Family Health Team and the Strathroy Medical Clinic consists of doctors, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals who work collaboratively with your doctors so that you receive the very best care on a more timely basis.

To reach a specific department, please contact the following extensions:

Referrals:  519-245-0430 ext. 282
Business Office: 519-245-0430 ext. 265
Enquiries: Administration: Sue Lewis 519-245-0430 ext. 281

Our Team

Family Health Team – located at 31 Caradoc St. North

Pharmacist: Tom Kontio, 226-726-8440 ext. 225
Social Worker: Jerilyn Hurwitz, 226-726-8440 ext. 224
Social Worker: Carol Nisbet, 226-726-8440 ext. 228                                Social Worker:  Selena Buma, 226-726-8440 ext. 220
Dietitian: Kim Crowther, 226-726-8440 ext. 223
Team Administrator: Elsa Peacock, 226-726-8440 ext. 219
Occupational Therapist: Dana Driesman-Klover, 226-726-8440 ext. 226
Respiratory Therapist: Julie Hodgins, 226-726-8440 ext. 227
Registered Nurse: Aleyn Lucier, 226-726-8440 ext. 222                     Registered Nurse:  Kelly Thuss, 226-726-8440 ext. 221

Nurse Practitioners located at Strathroy Medical Clinic – 74 Front St. E

Nurse Practitioner: Susan Jurjevich, 519-245-0430
Nurse Practitioner: Lindsay Huehn, 519-245-0430

More on Family Health Teams

Family Health Teams are focused on you, the patient.  You will have access to health care services from a variety of team members, including your family doctor. For example:

  • Your family doctor will continue to see you during regular office hours.
  • You will have access to other health care professionals within the Family Health Team:  nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, dietitian, pharmacists, respiratory therapist and occupational therapist.
  • You will have access to a Family Health Team doctor during extended evening hours for urgent problems (see “Clinic Hours and Urgent Care Protocol“).
  • If you see another doctor, nurse practitioner or other health care professional that is part of our Family Health Team for treatment, your own family physician will receive documentation about the nature of your problem so that he or she will always be up-to-date about your medical condition.
  • If you need assistance after-hours, you can telephone the Family Health Team Telephone Health Advisory Service (1.866.553.7205) where a registered nurse will provide advice about your urgent health care concerns. With your permission, your doctor will receive a written summary of your call the next day, so that your doctor is informed of the nature of the problem and the advice you received. Under this model, your doctor can follow up with you if required.
  • The Family Health Team operates using the same information technology infrastructure (electronic medical records) to manage your health information and share it securely with other health professionals approved by your doctor.

For more information about Family Health Teams, visit the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

For more information about the Thames Valley Family Health Team, visit